Friday, April 3, 2009

Irish Day

What Happens on Irish Day at the MN Genealogical Library & Research Center?
“Irish Day” occurs on the second Saturday of every month at the MN Genealogical Society Library and Research Center in South St. Paul, MN. Irish Day is simply the Day every month when you can be sure that experienced researchers in Irish family history will be at the library and ready to help you with your questions. Of course, you can do your research any day that the library is open and maybe there will even be an expert Irish researcher there, but on Irish Day, you know there will be.

We have a very large Irish collection in the library that includes hundreds of books, journals, microfilm, microfiche, and a special map collection showing great detail on every county in Ireland. There is wireless internet access and there is usually a class for you to attend on Irish Saturday if you’re interested. Don’t be shy about asking for help. If you are looking for books to buy on Irish genealogy research to add to your home library, one of those Irish researchers can assist you. I hope you’ll visit soon. By the way, the parking is free and the building is accessible. If you are a member of IGSI, there is no entrance fee.

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