2011 Irish Genealogy Class Schedule REVISED!

Every 2nd Saturday of the month, with the exception of August and December, is Irish Saturday at the MN Genealogical Library. IGSI offers classes those days to members and non-members alike. The charge for members is $10 and for non-members, $15. Here are the topics for the first half of 2011. Each of these classes offers vital information that you need to know to do Irish genealogical research. Mark your calendars!

Feb. 12, 2011 • Civil Registration • 1 - 2:30 PM
Civil Registration in Ireland is a major genealogical source for last half of the 19th century and into the 20th century. In 1845 civil registration began for all non-Roman Catholic marriages in all 32 counties. Starting in 1864 civil registration was added for Roman Catholic marriages as well as the registration of all births and deaths in the country regardless of religion. You will learn how a little about the history of Civil Registration, how to search the index, how to order copies of the registration, and what information you will find.
Instructor: Beth Vought

March 12, 2011 Following Occupational Trails 10 - 11:30 AM
Some of our Irish ancestors immigrated to an area where they could pursue a career that they had pursued in Ireland and were trained to do. Many more took whatever entry level job was open to them in their new country and continued to follow that line of work as opportunities opened in other areas. In this class we will look at some typical Irish immigrant occupational trails and discuss the availability and location of records that might help you discover more about your
Instructor: Sheila Northrop

April 9, 2011 • Preparing for a Research Trip to Ireland • 1-2:30 PM
Instructor: Mary Wickersham

May 14, 2011 • Irish Migration Patterns • 10-11:30 AM
Instructor: Sheila Northrop

June 11, 2011 • Using Griffith’s Valuation • 1-2:30 PM
Instructor: TBA

July 9, 2011 • Locating Irish Church Records • 10-11:30 AM
Instructor: Sheila Northrop

August 13, 2011 No Irish Day Classes Offered - Join us at the Minnesota Irish Fair!

September 10, 2011 DNA Testing to Prove Family Lineage 1-2:30 PM
Instructor: Diane Plunkett

October 15, 2011 Halloween Special: Leprechauns, Banshees & Fairies
Date and Subject tentative.

November 12, TBA

December: No Irish Day Classes Offered--Happy Holidays

All classes are held at the Minnesota Genealogical Library, 1185 Concord Street N, South St. Paul, MN on Irish Saturday at the Library (the 2nd Saturday of each month). Cost to IGSI members = $10 • Cost to non-members = $15
For more information, visit our website at www.IrishGenealogical.org